The Rise of Crypt-Kickers NFTs

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The Rise of Crypt-Kickers NFTs
The Rise of Crypt-Kickers NFTs

The rise of crypt-kickers NFTs were first mentioned on Twitter by CryptoKickers towards the end of March 2021. It’s incredible to see how many CryptoKickers have been created since then.

The craze began on OpenSea, and when Solana unveiled the open-source Metaplex, they set their business on Solana. Let’s take a look at what they’ve done with their marketplace, CryptoKickers, and their social media success.

The CryptoKickers Exchange

So, what exactly is it about? All of the kicker listings can be found at CryptoKickers Metaplex Shop, particularly their live auctions where you can watch the bidding.

You may also look at auctions that have already ended! The CryptoKickers “BOOBS” sold for 90 SOL ($3,129.30).

CryptoKickers Expansion

The rise of crypt-kickers NFTs’ Twitter came to life in March 2021, when they teamed up with the Solana Ecosystem to create bespoke kickers for all of the crews.

Wave Riders from OpenSea: OpenSea is hot as heck, and we would not be capable of delivering the goods without it. You don’t want to get caught on OpenSea without Warriors. 

They produced a bunch of supercool treads during the coming month of April. At the CryptoKickers OpenSea, several of these kickers were off.

Wilson Chandler, a professional basketball player, announced the release of a signature sneaker in late April. In early April, there were two kicker drops, 6.1 and 6.2 (21 pairs), both of which sold out in 20 minutes.

In the 3D Ethereum universe of Crypovoxels, a CryptoKickers exhibit also appeared.

The website, which depends on the Solana Metaplex open-source code base, was revealed in June and would allow you to personalize and mint your own NFT sneakers.

We’ve seen a large volume of new CryptoKickers created since the Sole Selector website went live and everybody could design their pair.

How to Create CryptoKickers of Your Own

If you wanted to create crypto kickers of your own then you have to follow the given steps:

  • First, you have to select the style in which you want to design.
  • Then you have to select the sole of the shoes.
  • After that, select your laces for shoes.
  • Now, select accessories for shoes.
  • Then customize your cryptoKickerFYL.
  • In the end, link your wallet and start creating your CryptoKickers.

Metaplex is the foundation behind CryptoKickers

Metaplex is a protocol placed on top of Solana that enables the creation/minting of non-fungible assets, the launch of various auctions for primary/secondary sales, and the standardization of NFT visualization across wallets and apps.

There are two main parts: an on-chain software and a self-hosted front-end web2 app.

More information is available on their Metaplex Github, Developer Guide, and Discord.

NFTs Sneakers

The creators had previously experimented with certain NFT shoe designs on the Ethereum blockchain. But they were drawn to the Solana blockchain by the low transaction costs and the rapidity with which they could manufacture new coins.

Users of the NFT platform Sole Selector may now create and manufacture their own shoe NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Fans of shoes and those interested in the emerging non-fungible token (NFT) market may soon develop a new fascination with CryptoKickers, a recently launched Sole Selector initiative.

Artists may create their digital shoes by selecting from a variety of options for laces, soles, and decorations, and then customize the colors and shapes. Customers would pay between $50 and $150 for each pair to manufacture the NFT sneakers, depending on the quality of innovation and the price of Solana’s native currency, SOL.

Previous published information of NFTs sneakers

According to published information, around 300 pairs of shoes cost 590 SOL ($19,930). This figure depicts the rise of NFTs outside the Ethereum network, which is where the tokens got their start.

Although the excitement for NFTs has waned in recent years, the sector has continued to develop at a rapid pace. We reported earlier this year that the area had generated over $2 billion in sales just in the first half of this year. At the same time, we’ve seen an increase in institutional investor interest and engagement in the industry. Importantly, these financiers are launching new blockchain-based ventures that engage with digital avatars and digital valuables.

According to Thomas Dimson, co-founder of CryptoKickers, there is still room in the multiverse for new ventures. “We thought we were late in this area, ” he explained. But we’re quite early since everything is wrong, especially in the metaverse realm.”

The project’s ultimate objective, according to Dimson, is to become accessible. “Everything should be accessible,” says the designer. It is our goal, and that is our objective. Consider Fortnite, which demonstrates that there is a significant demand for digital devices,” he continued.

It’s worth noting that the NFT sneakers from CryptoKickers aren’t currently animated characters. This is because numerous metaverse initiatives are experiencing various levels of technical difficulties. The CryptoKickers team, on the other hand, views this as an opportunity to influence the industry.

The creators had previously tested certain NFT shoe designs on the Ethereum blockchain. But they were drawn to the Solana blockchain by the low cost and the rapidity with which they could manufacture new tokens.

“With all this, we’re enrolling hundreds of individuals to manufacture their first NFTs. This is something that makes us happy about,” said Joey Flynn, a co-founder.

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