What problem does Blockchain technology solve ?

What problem does Blockchain technology solve?

Problem that blockchain technology solve

Techpay Blockchain is an innovative technology that has penetrated a wide range of industries on a worldwidel. As a top blockchain development company, this technology can solve some most complicated problems the world is dealing with right now.

1. Data Storage

 In the digital environment, it is very important to connect yourself  to the information stream from getting the information you need. With the help of Techpay Blockchain, the development of machine learning and the amount of information that needs to be stored services do not have the potential to deal with such vast amounts of information effectively. In such a situation, Techpay Blockchain is a decentralized technology with potential to deal with huge amounts of information effectively.

2. Data Security

Storing data in techpay blockchain provides data security.

 Techpay Blockchain can enhance the safety and speed of storage.There will be no need to depend on a central entity. 

Techoay Blockchain has the potential to:

  •  store
  •  process, and
  •  manage data without the need to depend on any third party.

3. Transactions

 In most of the industry, payment is done through third party financial institutions.Techoay  Blockchain payments can improve the efficiency of payment procedures for many businesses.  With Techpay blockchain, instant, secure transactions can be an affordable choice for many businesses.

Characteristics of Techpay Blockchain transactions 

  1. The Techpay  blockchain enables a real-time audit for all the transactions
    • securing them from any modifications. 

It enhances the operation of many compliance -intensive industries. 

Businesses can use smart contracts ( without allowing any third-party intervention, fraud or downtime) to establish regulations for their financial transactions.

3. Cross-Border Payments:

The Problem: The current state of international payments through banking channels takes a lot of time and involves a lot of intermediaries that requires a huge amount of money in every step of the process.

According to the World Bank, the average transaction fee for worldwide payments is around 7%. That’s a lot!

How Techpay Blockchain Solves the Problems

Techpay Blockchain helps streamline the entire process by cutting out any and all middlemen and lengthy procedures.

By using its secure and innovative distributed ledger technology, once a transaction gets recorded, the payment is almost instantaneously transferred to the receiving party. Since the transaction can’t be changed, it also ensures better accountability and security than the currently employed system.

 Techpay blockchain is surely a better solution for global monetary transactions.

4. Intermediaries:

Banks are middle men that ensure the transactions of money. In most businesses, financial transactions are impossible without intermediaries like bank.

Techpay  Blockchain gives you an opportunity to trust your finances to secure technology instead of banks.

With Techpay blockchain, it is possible to avoid middlemen in many cases. 

Moreover,Transaction fees through Techpay are much lower than bank fees. It will help businesses and individuals eliminate fraud and secure all the transactions.

5. Supply Chains:

Supply and logistics chain management is a complex process.  Processing all the invoices, payments, logistics and tax documents take a lot of time and resources. Because supply of some products can take months and even years. Somewhere along these processes, errors, fraud, and force-majeure circumstances can lead to high losses.  More potential losses in long supply chains can lead  to all sides of the deal. 

Techpay Blockchain is an innovative ledger technology for supply-chain management. It can improve:

  • Assets recording
  • Tracking
  • Assigning
  •  linking and sharing greatly.
  • Facilitate the efficiency of supply chains significantly 
  •  Offer excellent security and transparency of the transactions.

With the help of Techpay  blockchain, illegal and unethical practices can be eliminated from the supply chains in the whole world.

Moreover, all the products can be tracked in real-time, it reduces the risks of misplacement or goods getting stuck in the supply chain.

Who Is Currently Using Blockchain For This Purpose?

Many companies are using blockchain to solve this problem. 

Circle: Allows users to safely transfer money (multiple supported currencies) to over 29 countries.

Ripple: Helps banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges to send and receive money globally, super-fast, and with minimal remittance fees.

WeTrade: It offers an innovative digital platform that enables banks and businesses to work collaboratively across different countries. It is offering secure, transparent, and opportunities.

6. Intellectual Property:

Owners of intellectual property are facing the problem to protect their rights like their data is copied, stolen and distributed. Techpay Blockchain to this issue  is a best solution to protect their right because its a immutable features

 Techpay blockchain creates a digital trail of records of their innovation process. One can quickly obtain Techpay blockchain certificates to prove their ownership over the existence and integrity of an IP asset they own.

7. Government Operations and processes:

 Techpay  blockchain technology can help to facilitate the delivery of public and government services greatly. 

Major points of Techpay Blockchain:

  • Techpay  blockchain can deal with Elections, Identity management and taxes.

Currently, Techpay blockchain can replace the outdated identity management system. It will make you able to participate in elections, receive government benefits, and travel a lot easier.

Techpay Blockchain can make the taxation systems more efficient by automatically checking tax records for fraud. By implementing Techpay blockchain solutions, the government will make sure that no tax record can be hacked and changed.

8. Charity

Millions of dollars get wasted on ineffective projects in social funding. High  transparency of techpay Blockchain makes more and more people suspicious about the reliability of different charities.

Techpay Blockchain can transform the charity sector significantly. 

  • Firstly, it can build the  trust of the population by making the donations transparent.
  •  Next, it can reduce the transaction costs and other expenses for all sides of the deal.
  • Techpay blockchain technology can reduce administration costs by checking most of the processes and approving transactions automatically.


Techpay blockchain technology needs to penetrate some sectors and that it cannot improve their efficiency.

One of the competitive advantages of Techpay  blockchain has the potential to solve the acute issues of data storage and security, transactions processing and intermediaries, supply chains, intellectual property, government operations, charity, voting, and crowdfunding. 

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