How to create your own cryptocurrency in 15 minutes?

How to create your own cryptocurrency


How to create your own cryptocurrency in 15 minutes?

Considering the past Currently, there are between 11,000 and 20,000 tokens and coins in circulation. Only a small number of them are regarded as genuine currencies; the large bulk is vouchers.


We’ll talk about the idea of building a blockchain quickly in this article. furthermore, you’ll learn how to create your own cryptocurrency with no effort.

Is every token its own blockchain?

No, never. On the Ethereum platform, the majority of the tokens are implemented. Presented in the following estimates that there are around 12,500 tokens now active on the Ethereum platform. However, only slightly more than 4,160 of them have minimum some trading volumes. With more than 8700 tokens, Binance Smart Chain comes in second.

The company’s selection of blockchain is a private one. Both advertising prices and group sizes vary between networks. It’s crucial to realize that a token produced on one platform won’t function on another. Only the so-called “bridges” can be used to “transfer” a coin.

Two Methods for Producing a Cryptocurrency

Making a coin

You would need to be an expert in decentralized technology with years of experience if you wanted to manufacture cryptocurrency without investing any money.

It might just take five minutes to create a coin. All you need to do to create a network and coin is to copy the Bitcoin source code, add a new variable, or even modify the value of anything. Consequently, you should be familiar with the coding languages and methods.

Maintaining, promoting, and supporting the currency is another challenge because you need to develop the entire blockchain protocol in order to introduce your coin. More time may be saved by hiring a group of experts, but you’d need to pay for customized software development solutions. If you can find the funds to create and operate your own cryptocurrency, consider doing so.

Generating a token in Cryptocurrency

This is the finest method for creating your own coin. While having complete control of the network can seem like a good concept, there are a lot of drawbacks, such as more expensive development times.

Fork money is created on the basis of an existing blockchain using the software’s credibility, adoption, and consensus protocol. When you build your currency on top of a strong blockchain, such as Ethereum, it functions on a secure system that is protected from harmful attacks. Because you can use the already-existing decentralized architecture and developed agreement processes, creating tokens is less expensive in terms of both money and time.


Advantages and Disadvantages of coins and tokens

The advantages and disadvantages of creating coins or tokens are shown in the table below:


  • Coding abilities and in-depth understanding of blockchain are necessary
  • The cost of developing blockchain technology is higher
  • necessitates the development of a new blockchain


  • Open source software makes creation relatively simple
  • The process of creating tokens is simpler, quicker, and less expensive
  • may be developed on the reliable, existing blockchains

What is essential for your personal cryptocurrency?

  • A web extension for the bitcoin wallet Meta Mask, Coinbase Ledger, or Trust Wallet
  • Your time (no longer than an hour)
  • The amount in the wallet

Create your own cryptocurrency (Tokens) and make money

Naturally, it is ideal if you are familiar with the fundamental principles underlying the token you wish to produce. Know what that section of the program is in charge of as well. But suppose you don’t want to master the fundamentals because you want to start making things right now for no money at all.

Since the blockchain industry already has largely started to expand, proponents have introduced a wide range of tools for the creation of coins.

This indicates that a number of websites are willing to handle every technological aspect for you without requiring registration. Some of the cryptocurrency creation platform are as follows:

Let’s take the example of for your better understanding.

All of the items mentioned above are one manner or the other similar at shallow level. For the token’s title, symbol, number of coins, and other information relevant to this energy, there is a space. We used the service in our example, but you may use any alternative.

You must first connect your account with the website before you can begin creating a coin. We’re going to presume that you’ve already set it up in your computer. The website will independently build a smart contract using the wallet via which it will distribute tokens. If you generate a legitimate token, this function costs money. We may discuss this more if you only want to try for free.

To connect with, press the “Connect Wallet” option in the upper right. The window of your wallet will disappear. We connect after accepting the conditions. We then begin selecting a channel for the coin.

Network selection and the price of producing a cryptocurrency (token)

The blockchain system protocol is selected in the blue area of the form on You were already aware of their distinctions thanks to the part under As of the time of this post, using the to create an actual coin will set you back a significant sum of money. Specifically, 0.1 ETH (around $400). What distinguishes a genuine token from a test token? Once an actual token has been generated, it may be listed and traded on trading desks. It is doubtful that a test post can be used to crank up a post.

Both actual and experimental token creation follow the same procedure. There is still a cost even in a test situation! (with no cost tokens). In this instance, we’ll look at a Ropsten testing ground for producing an ERC20 currency on the Ethereum test network.

Create your own cryptocurrency online free and link the wallet to the internet

Meta Mask automatically connects to the Mainnet and displays the relevant balance. The Ropsten test net must be used instead. Of addition, you may also select from Kovan, Rinkeby, and Goerli chains.

Launch MetaMask, choose “Ethereum Mainnet” from the menu above, then select “Ropsten Test Network” from the fall list to join to the network system.

Your MetaMask currency account has been erased if you had any. Your account has just linked to a different channel, but that’s alright. Using the procedure outlined above, you can return to the general systems and the amount will be reset.

The website should refresh and show the chosen “Eth Ropsten” connection in the upper right corner when linked to Ropsten You must determine whether your account is linked to the website.

As a consequence, we are connected to the test network. When did the token actually start being created? Soon. Trying to get free coins is the final item on the list. You may use the token tapping to do this.

The following services provide free tokens for testing purposes:

Pick any. Insert your public speech once you’re on the webpage. Open Meta Mask and choose the “Account 1” column to access it. You will need to delay after sending your request for free credits. Within five to ten minutes, the sample ETH will arrive in your account.

What is the cost of creating your own cryptocurrency?

According to studies, the cryptocurrency-based company model has been expanding 3X faster than conventional marketing strategies. It’s the appropriate moment to build a cryptocurrency for your firm if you’re trying to get started in a crypto-based industry.

Making a cryptocurrency enables you to grow your firm constantly and globally. The best part is that, in contrast to other businesses, creating a cryptocurrency is simple and won’t cost you all of your cash.

The cost of generating a cryptocurrency might vary according on your demands and your company’s requirements.

To build a cryptocurrency, you will undoubtedly require the assistance of a crypto programmer. While there are a lot of bitcoin programming businesses, finding the best one to work with might be challenging.

According on the decisions you choose for the aforementioned elements, the cost of developing a cryptocurrency can range from 10k to 30k USD. When you’ve made up your mind on these issues, you may work with a reputable cryptocurrency development business to design and establish your coin.

Configure your cryptocurrency (token)

We will start creating the coin itself when you have gotten the sample ETH. The essential fields are present on the form:

  • Examples of token names include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Token symbols include BTC, ETH, and DOGE. Initial supply refers to the initial minimum number of tokens.
  • Decimals a method of computations that determines how thinly you can split a token. Burn tokens (you can learn more about this here), Minting (the ability to produce new tokens; the quantity will be added to the Starting Quantity), and Burn cards (for instance, BTC is split by 8 decimal places and ETH by 18).
  • A fee is assessed for each trade with a coin, which is then burnt. Super inflation is an expedited form of the deflationary procedure. Pause allows you to halt all token activities in the event that a significant flaw is discovered.
  • Filling up every field is not required. We gave the test coin in our instance the name Paprika Coin and the ticker PPK. The default values for the other options were used.

Is it legal to create a cryptocurrency?

Although some governments and authorities have partly or totally outlawed cryptocurrencies, creating them is often lawful. Since 2017, all cryptocurrencies have been banned in China, and they do not raise funds for them.

Even in places where creating currency is legal, it is possible to create a new coin and advertise it while violating existing securities laws.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Creating a Cryptocurrency



  • The cryptocurrency can be altered in any way.
  • provide an opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology
  • Possibility of the coin increasing in value


  • It frequently requires substantial technological skills.
  • Time-consuming and expensive
  • Need continual maintenance in order for cryptocurrencies to function well

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