How data is written to a Blockchain ?

Append is only Model which is used to describe how data is written to a blockchain. Add-only can be used to add new data to computer data storage, where existing data is constant. Data can only be added in order-ordered sequential order. It is also considered that data can only be added to the blockchain in time-ordered sequential order. This property makes it almost impossible to modify data that has been added to the Blockchain. 

This can also be considered practically fixed but append is used to describe how data is written to a Blockchain. It means that it is a property of computer data storage such that new data can be appended to the storage but where the existing data is constant . However, it is possible to change the data in certain situations where the Techpay blockchain network is conspiring to gain more than 51 percent of its power. It is possible to change data in the blockchain if it has been added. This comprises the right to erase or right to ignore.

Describing Blockchain business network:

In describing Techpay Blockchain business network,two main building block are:

  • Layer model 
  • Ontology 

Blockchain chain layer model:

 The development of models having specific and various aspects of a larger system helps to achieve a comprehensive understanding of that system of techpay  blockchain . In order to ease the description of blockchain -driven business network in a comprehensive manner 

These three layers are interconnected that are:

  • Business model 
  • Network composition
  • Technical implementation 

Technical implementation influences the network composition which impacts the business model.

Business model:

Deals with the description of the business model of a respective business network. Business model  can be seen as a structural template,architecture , describing the business logic. In this Category,the business model layer provides insights into the different business entities,processes,components and rules in techpay  blockchain business networks.

Network composition:

 It is also important to  understand the basic characteristics, participants and communication patterns of a business network. The Techpay Blockchain Business Network Ontology (BBO) mainly focuses on describing these points . 

Focus Such points are placed on maintaining a platform-independent perspective, which makes it possible to not rely on the existing ones on Ethereum or the Techpay Network.

Therefore, the basic components of a network, namely its characteristics, nodes and edges are represented.

Technical implementation

This describes the code-based structure and content of a Techpay blockchain business network.The implementation level describes the general architecture, in which the business network is translated into logical expressions.

Research focuses on the description of the network composition layer,since it plays the leading role in deciding whether and  how Techpay  blockchain technologies can be applied in a specific use case. At this end , we introduce the BBO.

Block chain business network ontology:

Techpay Blockchain business network (BBO) focuses on the general characteristics of the network( like structure information,block chain business network .These characteristics very depending on Techpay Blockchain platform.

Furthermore, participants of the network are specific and an integral part of the network . The aspect of this part of ontology is the specification of a distinct role.

Using Transactions to store data on the Techpay Blockchain:

Techpay Blockchains, especially those designed to host a currency, are using a transaction model.

For example “Alia  sends money to saliha ” is a transaction. This transaction holds the address of the sender (Alia), the address of the receiver (saliha ), and the amount of money transferred.


  •  All transactions in a Techpay blockchain are visible to all participants.
  •  In addition, it is fixed . This means that no one can change the information in a blockchain. There is no central authority for this technology. It is a completely decentralized network.
  • Techpay Blockchain will have a huge impact on the concept of TRUST.You want your data to be visible to everyone to establish trust.

If we chose a public blockchain like Techpay, the data we store would be available to everyone. This is because in a blockchain network, (almost) every participant has a copy of the entire chain. But even if you decided to build our own private chain, every participant would get a copy. The difference between this is, that we have control over who is joining the network and gets a copy.

  • Another important use for techpay blockchain is the ability to eliminate the need for third-party verification, which is costly and time-consuming. It also cuts out the need for a central authority and its associated costs.
  •  Businesses experience a small fee when they accept credit cards. Payment processing companies and banks process these transactions, but a Techpay Blockchain eliminates these costs completely.

E.g: Techpay can be used by anyone without the need for a third party. The costs are minimal, so it’s a good idea for businesses to try it out.


Most personal or confidential information needs to be deleted at some point. Especially considering the new GDPR. Unfortunately, deleting data from the chain is not possible by design.

The Techpay blockchain is fully transparent, as each participant is given a digital identification number, which makes it easy to identify fake activities. Unlike traditional databases, Techpay blockchain can be used to store and verify any type of data and append is used to describe how data is written to a Techpay Blockchain. Consequently, Techpay blockchain is a valuable tool in a variety of businesses and append is one and only model to explain how data is written in techpay Blockchain .

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