How can features of Blockchain support sustainability

Blockchain support sustainability
Blockchain support sustainability


Blockchain is a system that record information which is not possible to change . Here we know how can features of blockchain support sustainability ?

Techpay is a Blockchain that record transaction in lighting  fast and secure ways.It offers 

  • low transaction fees 
  • Build sustainability 
  • Real time transaction
  • Enhance security 

Blockchain support sustainability 

Blockchain support sustainability in following terms:

Establish sustainability is a ledger technology of blockchain. 

It provide :

  • security 
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ow daily transaction 
  • Traceability
  • High value 
  • Hacks free
  • High performance
  • Speed
  • Increase operation and processes efficiency in a network

TechPay is an innovative platform, TechPay will record the data of transactions in real-time at the fastest speed with eliminating hacking chances. It provides scalability and security that offer smart contract bytecode.

Points that show the sustainability of techpay blockchain


Techpay Blockchain is a technological ledger that secure records of transactions. will have numerous applications that facilitate  sustainability.

Techpay have the potential about: 

  •  financial transactions 
  • Improved carbon trading, facilitated trading
  • enhanced climate finance flows, 
  • avoidance of chances of hacks globally.
  • Reducing transaction complexity 

Characteristics of Techpay than other Blockchain 

Competitive advantage of Techpay over other Blockchain   which face the problem of scalability, high transaction fees, etc. Techoay is a ledger technology that was developed based on Direct Acyclic Graphs  for the possibility  of low or zero for everyone involved in network or in transaction.. Its native token TechPay Coin (TPC) expanded its global reach and was listed on LBank Exchange.

 Without compromising any aspect, TechPay  facilitates  high  scalability and offers millions of transactions per second everyday. Techpay Blockchain is created for new implementation of DAG (Direct Acyclic Graphs)

Creator signed a new light weighted  event block in techpay related to the parent by the hash.  Is own set of payments, functions, history, and management. Each event block is signed by its creator in TechPay. A new light-weighted event block is formed, which is related to the parent by the hash.

Data structure in techpay is Flag table that is used to store the different event blocks. In which data Is displayed in the tab. Atros is also an event block that enhances the validation of the garments. The utilization of this event block is evaluation,  updating the data, and management for the overall network.

Techpay also supports sustainability due to  unique features of TechPay’s architecture.

Low costs transactions:

Instead of other Blockchain,  Techpay handles transactions per second with a minimum cost. However, techpay has an  advantage in lighting fast speed and  transaction cost speed and cost compared to other Blockchain.

Sirius protocol is used by TechPay for it’s Blockchain operations and processes Up to 300,000 TPS can be processed,

Speed comparison 

  • 20,000 times faster than Ethereum
  • 43,000 times faster than Bitcoin 
  •  4.5 times faster than Solana 

Which proves that techpay is better than other Blockchain.

  • Speed of BITCOIN – 30-60 Mins.
  • Speed of ETHEREUM – 15 TPS | 2-6 Mins.
  • Speed of SOLANA – 65,000 TPS | 7 Sec.
  • Speed of TechPay Coin – 300,000 TPS | 1.2 Sec.

Moreover,at a fraction, Techpay offers scalability, stability, security and efficiency of world fastest  transactions  and low fees.

Techpay should meet the challenging  demand of NFT in time. 

For the third generation of web, techpay featured dApps and smart contracts that provide scalability and decentralization hence, increasing demand.

Moreover, the big native cryptocurrency of Techpay is techpay coin which supports transactions with 1.15 second.


It has following characteristics:

  • Performance
  • Low fees
  • Ability to utilize 
  • Trilemma

Performance: Techpay coins attracting more attention due to expanding its operation and processes.

300,000 transaction in 1.2 second 


Techpay coins have following features:

  • Support small contract 
  • Decentralized system
  • Manage the challenging need of NFT
  • Use dApp and small contract for scalability
  • High efficiency 
  •  Increase accessibility.

Low transaction fees: 

Techpay offers transactions worldwide with minimum speed. Techpay coins  have low transaction fees  by improving the performance of handling millions of customers .

Trilemma:  TechPay solves the trilemma, which states:

  • Decentralization, 
  • Durability
  • safety
  • Enhanced security 

Techpay coins have all these characteristics. 

Top features of Techpay blockchain

Top features of Techpay blockchain are following:

  • Immutability 
  • Decentralization
  • Control
  • Possibility of less failure
  • Transparency
  • No third-party 
  • Improve security

Possibility of less failure: Techpay provides less possibility of failure. It is fully organized and it not depend on human calculation that create failure.

Control:   Participants have control over the properties. To maintain their assets it does not rely on third parties. 

Transparency:  Techpay is a decentralization technology that offer to create a transparent profile of participants.

Improve security: Techpay offer encrypted property, it means that no third party can change the characteristics of participants in the network. Techpay improves security by the use of special disguise Cryptography.

Decentralized: One of the main features of Techpay is a decentralization system that maintains the network by a group of nodes. Individuals easily access and record or edit and store it easily. 

Immutable: Immutable is the top feature of Techpay blockchain 

Once the data is stored in Techpay, it is not possible to. Change or alter  the data. Techpay is different from databases. It offers  corruption free data .

Moreover, any participants in the network would not be able to change or edit the data. 

Traceability:  It is also the feature of Techpay that allows the participants to view the activities of the network but not be able to change the data.

Due to the feature of traceability, it provides comfort to stakeholders.

In case of Blockchain, all participants view the operation and processes of network like information about product, distribution services etc 

Efficiency in operation: Techpay improves efficiency in its operation that provides the facility to corporations to manage and distribute their material efficiently  where they want. 

Vital tool for sustainability 

Vital tool for sustainability of techpay is verification of records that eliminate the hacks of data. 


TechPay and are impressive cryptocurrencies with high scalability, high speed , low cost as compared to other cryptocurrency on the market ,  Techpay is one of the best cryptocurrency than others that create stable and secure solutions.

Therefore Techpay provides greater sustainability than any other Blockchain .

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