Blockchain Internship

Blockchain Internship
Blockchain Internship

Temporary Internship led to permanent job. Internship gives you experience, skills and career opportunity. Here are some top internships, you are looking for.

Energy Blockchain Intern (EDF Enovation LAB)

Internship Description

The EDF Innovation Lab is looking for a job that will support R&D activities related to the use of Blockchain in the energy sector. This should be an exciting and exciting opportunity for anyone interested in learning and reporting on the latest blockchain technology, startups, and trends. And who can promote, support, and coordinate new projects with internal and external partners?

Education and experience

The candidate will have knowledge of Blockchain and industry applications.

Be the head of technology and demonstrate the ability to quickly capture technical ideas.

Be a graduate or graduate student with a strong background and market knowledge.

Ideally have coding skills on Blockchain or demonstrate the ability to read this to help develop conceptual evidence. But this is not necessary, as we have engineers.

Global Supply Management – Intern (Summer 2022) (BLOCK COMPANIES)

Job Description

Our software team builds solid connections across Block. With the Square Card Reader and the launch of the Square Stand, our family of devices is growing – and this is just the beginning. As we introduce more of our products to the world, our hardware is growing.

As International Manager – Intern on the Hardware Operations team, you will help manage the supplier business relationships in Square’s Hardware portfolio. In addition, you will assist in developing and implementing help strategies from a wide variety of component manufacturers.

Education and experience

Microsoft Excel and / or Skills for Google Suite

Good communication skills and ability to work in a collaborative environment, multi-tasking and multi-tasking.

Pursue a BS or MS degree in Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related fields. He graduated between December 2022 and June 2024.

An MBA or technical background is a plus (but also open to undergraduates).

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Remote: Creative Marketing Intern (VSA)

Job Description 

Over the course of three months, our paid instructors will have the opportunity to work with VSC Studio to support clients in creative content including videos, podcasts, blogs, and social media.

The education system provides in-depth access to the foundation for building content growth campaigns for emerging technology companies. You will learn business writing, basic marketing basics, high yet high quality audio and video production, as well as start-ups and startups with the VC world.

Otherwise, you will learn how to deepen your ideas; you will learn how to relate to objects and style; you will work better with the group than you do not have, and your voice will be heard.

Education and experience

Freestyler – wins friends and influences people with your existing ideas, clarity, brevity, and humor.

A thoughtful person – you can doubt everything and can re-integrate information into everything you read, hear, and see.

Killing author – show us your articles, videos, blog posts and verify that.

Leader – you arrive early, roll up your sleeves, and get into anything that manages the day.

Content maven – you know what makes the content great and you like to do things the way you like to watch and listen to things.

You are very familiar with Adobe Suite and are constantly developing your skills.

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IT Summer Intern (Worley, USA-TX-Houston)

Job Description 

The Digital Business Support Team has implemented digital strategic plans.

Coordinating activities is a project assigned to project strategic managers.

Do market research and help create PowerPoint decks for leaders.

Meet with stakeholders to ensure alignment of goals.

Help with blockchain plans and the adoption of smart contracts within Worley.

Education and experience

Internships run from May – August.
High school diploma and pursuit of a BS or Master’s degree.

A qualified person will have less than one year left to complete his / her BS degree.

Ability to work independently and eager to take on responsibilities.

Microsoft Office Information (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Strong organizational skills and time management.

Analysis, problem solving and cognitive thinking ability.

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