Blockchain Vs Traditional Database Full Explanation In 2 Minute


Blockchain is “the database model that facilitates the transactions secure and immutable”. Blockchain technology is a single decentralized decision-maker through a majority vote of all participants on the network. Here we will see how is Blockchain different from traditional database models.

Techpay Blockchain

“Techpay  is a modern Blockchain technology.” It delivers the transaction fastest, more than 30,000 transactions per second. Techpay Blockchain is a decentralization innovation, most secure,  scalable, and speed to deliver fast transactions in the world of Blockchain technology which shows that it is the most glaring star in the innovation of blockchain technology.

In the modern world, techpay is able to increase demand and digitalization.

Database system:

Databases are centralized to read and write abilities that are changeable by an administrator.

  • It offers to store multiple copies to store data due to centralized authority. 
  • Only parties have access to add and change the data.

Centralization is the primary difference between Blockchain and traditional database systems. 

Each participant on a blockchain has a secured copy of all records and changes on a database that is centralized. 

Blockchain identifies and corrects data automatically that enabling the participants to trust it. The database administrator is used to maintain an updated database system. For Example, if one company is paying a database administrator (DBA ), they are able to make a change that benefits their company without other participants knowing.

The main difference between Techpay Blockchain and traditional Database

1. Immutability and data managing:

Blockchain and databases operate differently. when data is stored and managed, data is immutable in the blockchain. It means that data is unchanged or unreplaced (Not possible to change the data ). On the other hand in a traditional database, it is possible to store, change or recover the data. At the primary level, traditional databases utilize  CRUD for the proper operation of applications. Due to this, data can be replaced with new values according to your need or want if needed. That is why data cannot be immutable in a traditional database. So there is a chance of data hacks through administrators or through third parties. 

  • The read and write process is not possible in Techpay Blockchain due to its immutable factor that make it more reliable than other Blockchain.
  • But in a database system, write process is simple that is reliable for short business but hacks of data are possible in that case 

2. Transparency:

  The database does not provide any transparency, because it is not immutable. It does not offer a verification facility to the individual instead of Blockchain. On the other hand,  blockchain ensures that individuals or corporations trust the network due to its immutable property.

  • For developing businesses, Techpay provides long-lasting and secure (due to its encrypted policy) transparency that makes it unique from others.

3. Cost and ability:

It is easy to set up data in a database with less cost instead of a blockchain. Organizations need proper planning and execution of the processes to incorporate in Blockchain.

Techpay is an innovative technology that does not offer to work with existing processes. In such a case, the corporate once data stored unchanged provides proper data security at a bit higher cost than the database due to its innovative technology. It provides an opportunity for businesses to set up their data quickly and efficiently. 

  • Techpay Blockchain is a unique technology, In which a  limited amount of talent is available to deal with the techpay blockchain applications.

However, the database is affordable to small businesses due to its low cost but not as reliable as Techpay Blockchain.

4. Speed and Performance

  • The main difference between Techpay Blockchain and the database is speed and performance. Tachpay Blockchain offers 300000 transactions with a minimum time than other Blockchain that is slower. Transparency of Database is to offer millions of data at any given time. But not faster than Techpay. 

For example, when an individual wants to carry out a transaction in Blockchain, it does the same thing that traditional database do the same but Techpay offer transaction with high speed and performance to carry out processes and operations 

5. Best Use Cases

Databases Use Cases

Corporate networks are the best use case for corporate networks. The reason behind it is how the database operates and brings stability to the whole network.

  • Databases are user-friendly because of their immutable property by the administrator if needed. E.g Individuals rely on databases to serve content.
  • Techpay provides high scalability and security that are immutable. 
  • Techpay Blockchain is an ideal choice for an organization to secure data that operates in fast processes in a corporate network. 
  • The  Techpay blockchain is ideal for storing a huge amount of data that needs to be regularly used for encryption. Sirius protocol is used for transactions of a huge amounts of data instead of a Database in which no need for any verification to store, write or edit data 

6. Control:

This is also the main difference between a Techpay Blockchain and a database. Traditional databases are centralized by running on one server. The database control authority on one hand for access to the database processes and operations.

On the other hand, Techpay is run by every user in the network but once it stores it cannot be changeable.

Feature of Techpacy Blockchain

  • Data are immutable 
  • High security 
  • Scalability
  • confidential  store information
  • Fast  transaction process 
  • Proper verification is needed to store data 
  • Establish trust and transparency 

Efficiency of Techpay Blockchain 

Techpay Blockchain provides higher efficiency than other Blockchain and database systems in following terms.

It provides:

  • High value
  • Storage value
  • Data verification is trusted
  • Fast transaction
  • Innovative and unique ledger technology
  • Decentralized 


All of the above-mentioned points clear the difference between Techpay blockchain and traditional database models.

The Techpay Blockchain takes advantage of this due to its storage, speed, and accuracy. However,Techpay blockchain is also a winner because of its innovation, verification, and automation.

Techpay Blockchain facilitates a high-performance penalty due to its verification method. This clearly proves that individuals and corporations always choose Techpay Blockchain for fast execution. It is an essential difference between Techpay Blockchain and database systems. Techpay gives an excellent choice to businesses that require scalability to support operation and processes.

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