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Is Blockchain Council Legit

Blockchain Council legit was founded in 2017 by a group of Blockchain specialists who have made it their aim to spread the information about the technology. The council’s goal is to effectively develop the community of Blockchain experts by sharing expertise, use cases, and research.

The Blockchain Council provides paid and free webinars, training, certifications, and other resources to people interested in entering or growing in the field. By doing so, the Blockchain Council seeks to foster a healthy environment for Blockchain innovation and improvement.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain

n the last several years, the number of career prospects in the Blockchain field has significantly increased. However, the number of qualified Blockchain specialists does not yet match the demand. If you’re thinking about a job in blockchain, here are some possibilities.

The demand to implement and explore blockchain is growing as technology evolves. Blockchain is the most in-demand hard skill, according to LinkedIn’s article “New LinkedIn Research: Upskill Your Employees with the Skills Companies Need Most in 2020.”

So, if you haven’t done so before, NOW is the time to start a Blockchain career!

In the United States, the average compensation for a Blockchain Developer is $143,833 per year.

Certification by the Blockchain Council

The reviews appear to be split down the middle. The majority of Blockchain Council reviews give it a 4 or 5-star rating, while a few 1-star reviews considerably lower the overall rating.

Students have praised the Blockchain Council’s online Blockchain courses for their flexibility in scheduling. Others have criticized the difficulty of these courses. As a result, the feedback from students is extremely mixed. This could be owing to the council’s extensive list of online blockchain courses.

Whatever the case may be, let’s take a closer look at our Blockchain Council certification evaluation so you can make an informed conclusion!

Courses Available

The Blockchain Council offers a number of blockchain-related courses and certifications online. Before making a decision, we recommend that you review the curriculum and other specifics of all the certifications you’re considering.

The certifications cover a wide range of subjects, including:

Blockchain: Blockchain Developer and Certified Blockchain Expert 

Blockchain Professional: Certified Blockchain & Law Professional, Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional, Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional, Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional

Corda: Corda Architect and Corda Expert certifications

Polygon: Polygon Developer and Certified Polygon Expert

Quorum: Certified Quorum Expert and Certified Quorom Developer

Hyperledger: Hyperledger Certified Developer, Hyperledger Certified Expert

Cryptocurrencies: Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Certified Cryptocurrency Trader

NFTs: Certified NFT Developer and Certified NFT Expert

Others: Certified Smart Contract Developer, Certified Bitcoin Expert, Certified Defi Expert, Certified Polkadot Expert, Certified Ethereum Expert, Certified Cardano Expert, Certified Metaverse Expert, Certified Uniswap Expert, Certified Solidity Developer, Certified Ethereum Expert, Certified Cardano Expert, Certified Metaverse Expert, Certified Metaverse Expert, Certified

Studying with the Blockchain Council Has Its Advantages

So, what features/benefits does Blockchain Council provide to its members and students?

Access to courses for life: For any Blockchain Council course, you have lifetime access to all course materials.

Webinars and events access: Students and Blockchain Council members have free access to a variety of instructional events.

Professional support: Students get access to training help and knowledge through the Blockchain Council, which is made up of subject-matter experts.

Benefits of Membership: When you join the Blockchain Council, you gain access to a number of additional perks, which are detailed below.

Membership in the Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council has a membership programme for blockchain specialists, enthusiasts, and professionals, which is fascinating.

By joining, you gain access to a variety of blockchain-related resources, including Ebooks, training sessions, webinars, podcasts, and more.

Individual and corporate memberships are both available, as shown below.

Individual membership is $229 per year and includes a substantial discount on certifications. That’s fantastic, but there’s something else in the list of advantages that virtually gets overlooked. The Blockchain Courses Bundle is completely free. The following courses are included in this bundle:

These courses may not be as useful as the primary courses, but they bring a lot of value. This bundle is a terrific addition to the membership, in addition to earning a discount on all certifications.

If you want to take more than two courses with Blockchain Council, we recommend purchasing a one-year subscription. You’d get a lot more bang for your buck, we promise.


Cost-effectiveness: The courses and certificates offered by the Blockchain Council are less expensive than those offered by other organizations. It will be well worth the investment.

Benefits of Membership: The Blockchain Council has membership options with a variety of perks.

Expertly crafted: The council is led by persons who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology. Who better to learn from than yourself?

Various courses are available: There are numerous courses available, ranging from cryptocurrency to NFTs and beyond.


Beginner-friendly courses: Some courses don’t go deep enough and are better suited to newcomers.

Industry recognition is lacking: The Blockchain Council does not yet have the industry recognition that other solutions may have.

No refund policy: The return policy is quite strict, and you won’t be able to get a refund in most circumstances.

The Final Word:

Our final verdict is that if you’re considering a career in blockchain, start with YouTube tutorials to see if it’s right for you.

If and when you determine that blockchain is right for you, sign up right away. Go through the full free bundle and start with the basics before moving on to the more complex courses.

If you’re already working in the blockchain industry, joining the Blockchain Council can be quite beneficial. Especially with all of the study materials, ebooks, and other resources you have access to.

Yes, Blockchain Council is a legitimate organization. Yes, it is well worth the effort. However, you must select your course carefully based on your needs and degree of comprehension.

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