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What is audit in blockchain?

Crypto testing can be summarized as a test to see if transactions recorded within the blockchain block. Which are fully verified and accurate based on the available evidence of transactions recorded in the book.

Top ranked companies 

It is therefore very important that project security assessments, exchanges and blockchains be conducted. Users should also know what safety tests are performed and if there are any red flags raised.


Quantstamp is a blockchain security platform unveiled in the YCombinator W18 Batch. The Quantstamp security team has experience with top IT companies. For example, Google, Facebook, and Apple. And this is reflected in the extensive list of blockchain security tools and services. First, Quantstamp has established a site-based security network to research smart contracts. With this solution, users can perform automated contract security updates automatically. “On a global network of space-allocated security nodes.”

Additionally, the forum provides professional security testing for client blockchain projects. And a 24/7 security monitoring software tool.


The OpenZeppelin team is best known for developing Solidity libraries known as OpenZeppelin Contracts. These libraries are used in many Solidity projects as a proven and standard template for contracts. Which can no longer be distributed in distributed applications. Developers can integrate this solution with the native OpenZeppelin SDK. In addition to the development, OpenZeppelin is more focused on smart contract security and research services.

Also, OpenZeppelin was one of the first teams to re-establish blockchain security. Which is by introducing gamification features to identify loopholes in smart contracts. One of its products, Ethernaut, is a Web3 / Solidity war game, which involves gamers hacking smart contracts to take it to the next level.

Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits prides itself on being a network of engineers capable of identifying and fixing loopholes in software, devices, or codes. In other words, the solution provides many software security services are following. Including intelligent contract testing, blockchain security research, software development, and so on. Over the years, Trail of Bits has developed awesome security tools for smart contracts. Some of these blockchain-focused solutions are Crytic, Slither, and Echidna.

Besides, Trail of Bits has upgraded the popular AlgoVPN. Also, it has a lot of security publications on GitHub, including the public reports of 0x Protocol, Compound, NuCypher, and MakerDAO, which are some of its clients.


Hacken makes many security services for its customers. These service suits include blockchain security consultations, web / mobile login testing, bug bounty system integration, crypto exchange rates, among other things. Although Hacken offers a long list of blockchain-oriented services and crypto firms, its ecosystem, however, includes security products that are suitable for IT companies as a whole. The company has built a reputation for being a security risk assessment for companies that need digital space to create or enable services for their customers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hacken has provided security services to non-blockchain giants such as Air Asia. In addition, it has proven its commitment to blockchain technology by supporting and involving global security experts in security meetings.

Hacken has also created a HackenAI security platform designed to protect the end user from security risks and account compromises. Key features such as Darknet alert quickly alert users to corrupt passwords and possible darknet attacks. HackenAI is available for Android and Iphone devices.

ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys in the US is one of the largest and most prominent blockchain incubators in the industry. Unlike the other security companies mentioned in this list, ConsenSys provides its services and technological know-how in the development of Ethereum block applications and software, especially financial infrastructure. Thus, its product, ConsenSys Diligence, provides secure analysis of smart contracts. This auditorium is at the forefront of “cryptography, blockchain technology, and crypto-economic incentive analysis.”

One of its products, MythX, is one of the most powerful automated smart contractors for Ethereum. This solution provides a robust API, which engineers can use to access security analysis tools.


LeastAuthority is a cybersecurity communication firm with a strong focus on privacy. It separates itself as enabling private and disruptive storage solutions. Currently, the forum has two major products available to its users. The first, Privatestorage (formerly known as S4), is a centralized system that provides end-to-end infrastructure for end users and gives them autonomy by collecting, processing, and distributing their personal data. On the other hand, its second product, Tahoe LAFS, enables a separate, distributed, and tolerant storage environment.

In addition to providing a variety of storage facilities, LeastAuthority has published security reports for Ethereum, Tezos, and others. It also works with engineers throughout their development cycles to ensure that their projects are not subject to security threats.


Certik is a security company that seeks to utilize topnotch authentication technology in partnership with other leading cybersecurity professionals to build end-to-end services. On its website, Certik claims to have examined more than 188,000 lines of code and found assets worth more than $ 6.32 billion. The team provides statistical assurance of the safety of smart contracts

Therefore, it has developed Certik Chain, a community blockchain focused on using Certik’s Official Verification platform, to protect separate projects. Certik is officially a Binance-affiliated company, and is supported by prominent investors, including Binance Labs, Lightspeed,Matrix Partners, and DHVcC

PWC Switzerland (former Chainsecurity)

Chainsecurity has joined PWC Switzerland to undertake security review projects and create security solutions in the emerging blockchain industry. Through this partnership, PWC Switzerland provides consultant services for blockchain projects from the testing phase to the deployment phase. This forum examines intelligent contract designs, evaluates their performance, and monitors metrics describing their performance after submission. It excels at its ability to integrate automated analytics tools and security expertise to identify and eliminate potential threats.

Like Chainsecurity, this blockchain team has developed several security tools, including Securify and VerX. It is reasonable to expect that this group will continue to operate successfully in the blockchain security sector as it now has access to PWC Switzerland’s major resources.


Slowmist is China’s leading blockchain security company. They do a wide range of blockchain security services including smart contract testing, blockchain security testing, wallet security testing, and much more. Slowmist also has a secure staking ecologies blockchain project, which brings real-time data on the growth and security of EOS, Cosmos, Vechain, and other high-blockchain projects. Another interesting detail about this forum is its powerful fire protection project for smart EOS contractors, called FireWall.X.

Similarly, Slowmist regularly monitors and publishes data and statistics about the security situation in crypto trading through their Blockchain Threat Intelligence (BTI) service.

Runtime Verification 

Runtime Verification is a research and development company focused on official certification. According to the information on its website, this solution designs standard models for high value applications. Then use them as examples to develop products that are sensitive to security. Runtime Verification has developed two smart contract security products. On the other hand, it provides evidence of the accuracy of a smart contract with the help of the K framework. Thus, proving the effectiveness of the smart contracts of Ethereum and Cardano. Firefly, on the other hand, is a tool for analyzing the coverage of Ethereum smart contracts.

Additionally, Runtime Verification has worked with the Ethereum Foundation to create an official testing framework for Ethereum 2.0 testing.

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