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A step-wise guide on how to recover stolen cryptocurrency in 5 minutes

According to a 2019 report on cryptocurrencies by Kaspersky, around 19% of survey respondents said they had been hacked on different exchanges, and another 15% were reported to be sufferers of cryptocurrency theft. A report also showed that around $11.5 billion of cryptocurrency dealings had been misplaced internationally. This is equivalent to the total government budget of Latvia. The statement forecast an even massive number in 2021. If you’ve invested in TechPay, Bitcoin ,or any other digital currency, your savings are a target for cybercriminals. Is it possible to recover stolen Cryptocurrency if the worst happens?

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Recovering stolen Cryptocurrency or bitcoin is generally possible to some extent when holding your digital wallet’s private keys. Digital assets are designed for one-way transactions. Unauthorized transactions of stolen funds have the same security as valid ones. Safe practices can also prevent future theft.

So do not lose hope. This guide will tell you about what you can do in case you become a victim, as well as tips on preventing fraud in the future.

Because it is usually costly and emotionally draining to try and recover, crypto is good to consider everything before you take that route. It’s a personal decision whether it’s worth the time and effort to hire a professional recovery or just let it goes, paying the tuition for learning how to handle/hold crypto correctly. This is especially true if you have invested less of your investable funds in the asset.

How to recover stolen Cryptocurrency from a trusted wallet:

Trust Wallet is one of the leading and most secure mobile crypto wallets on Android and iOS platforms. Even as secure as crypto wallets or exchanges can be, they are still prone to hacks since these wallets need to connect to the internet to work.

There are many crypto scams out there. Most trick unsuspecting people into sending cryptocurrencies to scammers or granting them access to crypto wallets. Similar scams include Ripple Giveaway, SAFEMOON Giveaway, and Polka dot Giveaway. These scams can be promoted through potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).

What to Do If You’re Trust Wallet Was Hacked

The following suggestions can help you recover your lost Cryptocurrency.

 1)  Generate a different Wallet and shift your finances There quickly!

If you gave your Trust Wallet recovery phrase to a scammer, create another multi-coin wallet in the Trust Wallet app and transfer all your coins and tokens there if the wallet did not come from the scammer/hacker recommended. It was deleted. 

 Suppose you believe your wallet on Trust Wallet has been compromised. In that case, you may have shared your recovery phrase, or your wallet may have been hacked with malware on your device, so please take immediate action to recover anything left in your wallet. 

 As you know, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. If your coins/tokens have already been transferred to an external wallet address (usually a hacker/crook’s address), there is little you can do about it. There is none.

2) Scrutinize your machine for malware 

Suppose you haven’t given your recuperation expression to anybody and are confident that it’s put away safely in a spot nobody can get to. In that case, your wallet might have been undermined by malware. Malware is more uncommon in versatile working frameworks like Android and iOS, yet dissimilar to work area working frameworks, for example, Windows, gadgets can, in any case, become contaminated with malware.

On the off chance that you suspect that your gadget has been tainted with malware that objectives crypto wallets, we suggest that you make another wallet on another gadget (it very well may be your PC or another cell phone) and then send all your crypto there on the off chance that it hasn’t been moved currently by the programmer.

From that point forward, download any of the most famous portable enemies of infection applications (e.g. Avast, Kaspersky, Avira, e.t.c) and examine your gadget to check whether it recognizes any malware on your telephone.

If the counter infection doesn’t distinguish any malware on your telephone, you can remove any harmful app from your mobile and keep things safe.

 When you reset your telephone, re-introduce Trust Wallet and make another wallet. Something else to keep utilizing Trust Wallet. 

3) Try Tracing the Transaction via a Blockchain Explorer

On the off chance that your assets have been shifted by scammers to their wallets so that they hacked your wallet, then it is a thing to worry about.

Since all cryptocurrency transactions are public, you can track all transactions made by hackers to see which wallet your funds have been transferred to. TechPay Blockchain allows you of blockchain explorer to trace the fraud-based transaction and keeps your funds safe.

On any explorers, input your wallet address and look for the wallet to which the hacker transferred your crypto. After getting the wallet address, keep trying to know where your currency is shifted – in which wallet it is shifted.

 If cryptocurrencies are transferred to any problematic wallets by centralized exchanges like Binance, Coin base, Kucoin, Gemini, etc., try contacting the exchange’s customer support and let them know that your stolen crypto is lost found in the account. 

 Since these exchanges have a mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) policy that requires every user of the exchange to submit personal information and identification documents, you can obtain the attacker’s information and retrieve it from there. 

 In some cases, the exchange may not disclose the user information but may get your money back or at least get the coins locked by the exchange.

4)  Report to the Police or Other Law Enforcement Agencies in Your Country

As with most other cybercriminals, your last resort is to report the incident to law enforcement agencies in your country, such as the cybercrime police department (if applicable). 

 If you are in the United States, you may consider filing a complaint with the FBI and your local police department. For other countries, report the hack to the appropriate law enforcement agency in your country. 

 Unfortunately, there isn’t much law enforcement can do to recover stolen crypto assets, but nothing!

Unfortunately, suppose the funds have been moved to an unattended wallet and not one with centralized exchanges. In that case, there is almost nothing you can do as these wallets do not have the identity of the wallet owner or even the wallet owner or control of the wallet.

5) Store your assets in a cold wallet:

A cold wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet used to store Cryptocurrency offline. This is the contradiction of a hot wallet.

As Cryptocurrency grows in popularity, methods of hacking and defrauding crypto owners are improving. The only easy way to protect your assets is to protect your wallet. Regularly check your phone for malware threats and stop unauthorized access to your account. Also, keep your account information, such as usernames and passwords, well secured.

How to recover stolen Cryptocurrency from meta mask:

Metamask wallets can be compromised and funds stolen for several reasons. 

 • Your computer is infected with (malware/spyware) and has sensitive information. 

 • Visited a malicious phishing website that steals your information. 

 • You provided your private key or seed phrase/secret recovery phrase to someone or her website. A bogus extension will eventually steal your assets from your wallet.


How to recover stolen Cryptocurrency?

In modern frauds, thieves will send use phishing links to steal all the data. Your money could be stolen if you get scammed and enter your login details on a fake website. These phishing attacks are annoying, but one can be protected if one only uses relevant websites starting from HTTP and having credibility.

 If you are a victim of crypto theft, there is still hope of getting your money back. Using the services of a digital triangle specialist, you can track your stolen funds and recover them.

To protect yourself from phishing attacks, always make sure you are visiting the correct website. Be careful in using malicious websites and check actively about the credibility of emails on social media

If your metamask wallet was compromised and your funds were stolen, this would most likely be due to a few possible reasons:

– Your computer is infected with (malware/spyware), and you have personal information stored on your computer. 

 – You visited a malicious phishing website that steals your information. 

 – You gave your private key or seed phrase/personal recovery phrase to someone or a site. 

–A bogus extension will eventually steal your assets from your wallet.

You can keep your assets safe by following the necessary guidelines below:

– Only download MetaMask from our official website. 

– Provide your information on the authentic site. Check for the green “Secure” lock in your browser’s

So, it is strongly recommended to:

 Change your passwords often, and never use the same password on more than one site.

– Use a solid and unique password for your MetaMask wallet.

– Enable two-factor authentications (two-factor authentication) on your online accounts whenever possible.

– Keep a close eye on your financial transactions and report any suspicious

How to report stolen Cryptocurrency?

You can report Cryptocurrency fraud to:

– FTC at 

 – Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) ( 

 – America. (U.S. SEC) ( 

 – Cybercrime Complaint Center (IC3) ( 

 – Virtual currency exchange is used for remittance


As there are a lot of benefits of Cryptocurrency, the digital world has a lot of scams and hacking techniques on the same side. So, you can keep your wallet safe by being extra conscious and using a strong password. But if hackers steal your Cryptocurrency, you can report it to authorities, refund your Cryptocurrency, or freeze the assets. But sometimes, the crooks get the better of us, and knowing your next steps is essential when they do. The first thing to do is contact the local authorities for an authorized cryptocurrency recovery process and follow the stepwise guidelines above to keep your wallet safe and secure.


How to protect yourself from Cryptocurrency scams?

– Use a solid and unique password for your wallet.

– Enable two-factor authentications (two-factor authentication) on your online accounts whenever possible.

– Keep a close eye on your financial transactions and report any suspicious

Is it possible to recover stolen Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can recover your stolen Cryptocurrency by contacting a triangular digital Expert. Moreover, different blockchains give you the opportunity for blockchain explorers to trace the fraud-based transaction and keep your funds safe.

Do TechPay and Bitcoin offer stolen cryptocurrency recovery?

Yes. They allow you, blockchain explorer, to trace the fraud-based transaction and keep your funds safe.

How to protect your digital asset from hacking?

Keep your assets in a cold wallet.

Never go toward using phishing websites.

Keeps your password strong.

Keep a close eye on any suspicious activity.

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